HR analysis portal helps Skanska make better decisions

Skanska had an acute need to improve efficiency and introduce standardised procedures for monitoring and reporting HR-related data.

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Starting point

Previously, monitoring was carried out using time-consuming manual processes, which often generated inaccurate reports. Affecto helped Skanska to put in place an HR analysis portal to allow decision makers to have full control and respond to unexpected demand through instant access to updated HR information.

Before the introduction of the HR analysis portal, Skanska generated the necessary reports using manual processes. While all the information was available within the company, it existed in varying formats in separate systems. Some of it was up to date, some slightly outdated.

A large number of Excel spreadsheets were prepared and compiled at the various levels across the organisation. As the individual departments had different routines for assembling statistics, it was hard to compare the figures and they were subject to a wide margin of error. As the individual departments had different routines for assembling statistics, it was hard to compare the figures and they were subject to a wide margin of error.

“With the new HR analysis tool, managers and supervisors are far better placed to make decisions on allocating human resources and managing the business. They are fully informed and able to see for themselves what’s going on in the organisation,” says Kristin Westling, Project Manager of Skanska.

Because of problems with accessing relevant data, the information used as a basis for decision making was not always reliable which created a degree of uncertainty. Affecto was faced with a range of challenges that it managed to resolve successfully.


The new HR portal retrieves information from several source systems through updates run during the night. As the data gathering operation is rules-based and fully automated, Skanska is able to carry out analyses of HR data customised to the user’s needs and position in the company. And since the system retrieves data from the HR system on a daily basis, the information available on the portal is always relevant and up to date.

“One clear benefit offered by the solution is that the quality of the data is now made visible. This helps assure quality and detect errors. Today, the data can be quality-assured in two ways: first, before it is uploaded into the system and later by the unit involved, which can check if any persons have been misallocated or if some change has been ignored. A hierarchy of access rights ensures that users only access data related to the units they belong to,” says Lennart Hjalmarsson of Affecto. 

Available on the intranet, the HR portal assembles all information in a single location giving supervisors an improved overview of key indicators and HR statistics. 

Skanska’s BI strategy is based on Oracle technology, and the existing business system makes use of Oracle’s ETL tool which supports purchasing, finances and logistics operations. Moreover, since the employees were already familiar with and had confidence in Orcale, it was only natural to opt for the same supplier when the HR portal was built.


As a result of the project, there is greater confidence in the figures that are no longer questioned, and the data are used more frequently as a basis for decision making across the entire organisation. Since the portal is intranet-based, all the information is readily available when needed, while user-dependent access rights improve data security. 

The information provided by the HR tool allows decision makers to examine the figures in a number of ways and make a thorough analysis. The ‘right information delivered at the right time to the right people with a high degree of reliability’ is an apt summary of Affecto’s solution. 

“It’s both exciting and rewarding to see how much time Skanska’s HR personnel is able to save thanks to the analysis portal delivered by us. That data security was also optimised in the process was a clear bonus to us at Affecto that we’re really happy about,” says Lennart Hjalmarsson.